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>I had been suffering with a very painful shoulder with little movement in it and had seen various people to try and sort it out to no avail. I saw lovely Laura Hedley, a specialist shoulder physiotherapist who investigated thoroughly and diagnosed a potential frozen shoulder. She referred me to a consultant who confirmed a frozen shoulder where I had an injection to release the shoulder in order for me to be able to have more movement. I have since seen Laura who has given me doable strengthening exercises to continue my recovery. Laura is exceptionally knowledgeable with a kind manner & puts you at your ease. Very highly recommended. Thank you Laura

Helen, 2023

>Stacey is an exceptional physiotherapist. Her knowledge and expertise were invaluable to me after I fractured my upper arm. She guided me through my recovery in a gentle and good humoured way.
I am so grateful for her professionalism, which gave me the confidence to use my arm again.

Christine, 2019

>A brilliant meeting with Joe Askew who took time to examine me and explain why I was in pain and discomfort. A professional diagnosis of my problem. Exercises were recommended and treatment which were mailed to my GP and a copy to myself. Joe certainly goes the extra mile and I highly recommend him!

John, 2018

>A relaxed friendly environment. With professional and easy to understand explanation of my current skeletal problem. I have had pain relief for the first time in 3 weeks and I now understand and now postures and exercises to perform to continue my rehabilitation.

Kim, 2018​

>The best £50 I think I have spent. Joe took the time to explain the multiple possible types of damage my son might have caused to his shoulder, working through the diagnostic process to rule them possibly in or out, and set him on the path to recovery with a wide range of exercises. Highly recommended.

Kate, 2018

> Stacey has been friendly, competent, knowledgeable and has been really clear about what’s wrong and how to resolve it. I feel loads better after only a couple of sessions having tried other physios who hadn’t been able to make a difference. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Hemant, 2018

> Laura has not only been able to reduce the pain in my shoulder she has also educated me on my joints, posture and how to correct the issues through a series of exercises. Each session exercises were modified to make them more challenging but not too difficult so that I would avoid doing them! She has a great manner about her and we were able to discuss my shoulder and other related issues in a light-hearted way. She also recommended pilates which I love and can already feel the benefit and how it compliments my physio treatment. I would definitely recommend her.

Claire, 2017

> Stacey has been a warm, friendly and engaged physio throughout my treatment - she has really listened to my issues and provided exercises/solutions which have fitted into my life/work. My shoulder has gone from being in constant pain, waking me up at night, disrupting my life/work to no pain and 99.9% fixed (as long as I keep going with the exercises!) Would not hesitate to recommend

Laura, 2017

> Stacey is a fantastic physiotherapist – extremely attentive and knowledgeable. Not only has she been able to fix several issues I’ve had (ranging from quite major injuries to small niggles), but she’s also helped me to understand why they occurred in the first place and how to prevent them in the future. In addition, the post-op treatment and advice I’ve received has been extremely thorough and has supported and reassured me through quite a long recovery period – right up to becoming fully active again. Highly recommended indeed!

Dan, 2017

> The treatment I received from Laura has been excellent. Laura really knows what she is talking about. I have seen several other physiotherapists, but this has been the only thing that has helped. I could not recommend YSP any more strongly.

Kathryn, 2017

> The support, knowledge and direction from Stacey following major shoulder surgery has been invaluable. Sound advice and constantly pushing me through this rehabilitative phase will help me to see the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend Stacey and the team at Yorkshire Shoulder Physiotherapy.

Rachel, 2017

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